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CIOsynergy NY: The Future of the Tech Industry

CIOsynergy NY: The Future of the Tech IndustryHosting and cloud providers are sprouting up all around the world to meet growing demand as more and more enterprises look to outsource their data storage and IT infrastructure. But not all hosting providers are created equal, as many CIOs are now learning. In fact, the average enterprise goes through three cloud vendors before finding the right solution.

This is largely driven by security breaches, increasing demand for fast connection speeds and the rise of mobile devices, which are all creating complexity that CIOs must manage, monitor and monetize. As a result, there is a clear need for global cloud and hosting providers that can not only manage enterprises’ data and IT performance, but can also bring additional value to help CIOs address current challenges and grow their businesses.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending CIOsynergy in New York, alongside 150 talented CIOs and IT decision makers. We discussed these challenges and how we, as an industry, can create innovative solutions for today’s IT problems as well as those that may arise in the near future.

A particular focus of the New York event this year was the IT transformation to drive change and innovation in the next five years. With such rapid growth in this industry, it’s clear that transformation will be very important, as well as flexibility to enable that shift. A recent study by Gartner concludes that the challenges today’s CIOs face may vary geographically—e.g. cloud outsourcing in Europe, creating growth in China or tackling the latest security bugs in the U.S.—but the one thing that remains consistent for every CIO is the need for flexibility. Nearly 80 percent of CIOs surveyed agree that their strategy will change within the next two to three years.

This is the exact reason why it’s crucial for CIOs to collaborate at events like CIOsynergy, and I’m proud to represent Peer 1 in that conversation as we continue to expand as an international company. Our goal as a hosting provider is to enable flexibility for our customers and invest in helping them transform and grow, and it’s exciting to see that value reflected in CIOs’ priorities.

If you were at the event, too, I’d love to hear from you about what you learned—reach out to me directly.

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