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30 Day eCommerce Challenge

30 Day eCommerce Challenge by Demac MediaThe summer months should be the time when eCommerce professionals are in full holiday mode, making sure their eCommerce platform is ready for the onslaught of traffic during the coming holiday months. But you would be surprised at how many neglect to take the time to prepare, and end up forfeiting an influx in traffic, sales, and the all-important return customer.

Demac Media logoOne of our North American partners, Demac Media, has gone one step further in ensuring its customers are prepped for the holidays, with the launch of its 30-day eCommerce Challenge. Peer 1 and its partners understand the need to prepare, and are fully behind the challenge, which will see Demac send out daily chunks of advice to anyone who signs up.

Whether you’re an eCommerce professional worrying about your platform infrastructure, inventory fulfillment, merchandising, shipping, or customer service, each one of the 30 daily emails will come packed with advice, to ensure you have the necessary tools to prepare your business for the holidays.

The holiday season comes sooner than you think, with back to school at the end of August/start of September signaling the start of increased traffic to eCommerce sites. Demac Media wants to educate the eCommerce industry to wake up to the fact that holidays are just around the corner, and not leave it at the last minute.

The 30-Day eCommerce Challenge begins on Monday 7th July; eCommerce professionals can sign up throughout the 30 days to make sure they’re getting the tips and tools to prepare for a successful holiday season.

Sign up now to the challenge.

If you’re an eCommerce professional who needs to speak to an expert, get in touch with one of our Peer 1 eCommerce experts over at our eCommerce page

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